Be careful what you wish for!


We’ve all been there, Christmas morning excitedly opening a present, and there it is – something you’ll never use, wear or eat! How tricky is this situation; you need a BAFTA to deliver a genuine sounding ‘Thank You’ and do you really dare to wear it the next time you’re in their company so they think they done good? The answer is no because this is one sure way to guarantee you get the ‘new version’ next Christmas.

Our client, traffic clothing, have launched a fab campaign this year that manages the above situation superbly, helping the ‘giver’ know what to buy and ensuring the ‘receiver’ is bowled over with their gift – everyone’s a winner!

Here’s how it work’s:

1. Shop their site and add items that you’d like to receive this Christmas to your Wish List.

2. Email your completed Wish List to friends and family.

3. They can choose the gift they want to get you AND get a unique 10% discount code as an extra bonus.

So be careful what you wish for this Christmas, because with traffic clothing, you’re likely to get it!