Children- an advertisers dream


Now we hate to say this but as of today it’s only 45 days till Christmas! No doubt the kids have a long Christmas wish list, and we’re interested in what’s on it?

There’s the Star Wars Bobbleheads, the Disney Palace Pets, the Moshi Monsters Gumball Machine and the Remote Controlled Minion Stuart – we find ourselves asking why do our kids want this stuff and how do they know about it?! The answer is the growth in child advertising. TV channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Boomerang are full of toy adverts and this creates the renowned Pester Power!

So what is Pester Power?

It is the ability possessed by a child to nag a parent relentlessly until the parent succumbs and agrees to the child’s request ( – can anyone relate to this? It is also known as ‘The Nag Factor’ and is a common targeting technique of marketers. According to The Telegraph, Pester Power costs parents £460 a year! But has advertising just gone too far when kids start asking for DIY tools (13% of children aged 2 to 15) and cleaning products (8% of children aged 2 to 15)?! Mis-timed TV ad slots?

How do we overcome it?

Typical reactions include “we can’t afford it”, “it’s a load of rubbish”, offering them a snack in order to distract them, or simply agreeing to buy it as they don’t want to deal with the fuss.

How do you overcome Pester Power? Get ahead of the game and watch out for Pester Power this Christmas and Like us on Facebook to find out the most-wanted toys of 2014!



Image courtesy of 2nix at FreeDigital