Emotional Appeal


We’re sure you all saw our lovely Katie on our Facebook page this week and since she’s picked up her own following we thought we’d look at the marketing power of emotional appeal.

According to the businessdictionary.com the definition of emotional appeal is a “promotional activity aimed at highlighting emotional factors (such as looks, status, value, popularity) of a product, instead of the logical or practical factors.”

10476465_706962749357878_1241627025576247436_oWe found an interesting article on entrepreneur.com about the 5 most common and effective emotional triggers:

1)    Fear – This is very common in insurance (e.g. mis-sold PPI), health (e.g. smoking) and sales advertisements (e.g. last chance)

2)    Guilt – This is popular with charities such as Unicef, WWF, Children in Need

3)    Trust – Finance related products often use this method such as car sales using a payment plan

4)    Value – This ensures that the customer feels empowered e.g. “satisfaction or your money back” or price comparison in supermarkets

5)    Belonging – Creating an emphasis on the fear of not belonging encourages the consumer to buy your product e.g. …………

We’ve got to admit, the emotional appeal of fluffy animals a.k.a. our Katie, is our favourite type of emotional appeal! And what’s more, our service is as good as she looks! Like us on Facebook to learn about different emotional campaigns!