My internship at Yebo Marketing & Design



When Hannah said she’d like to write something for our blog about her work experience with us, I knew this could go one of two ways! Thankfully, it went the right way and we’re delighted that her time with us was mutually enjoyable and rewarding…have a read, in Hannah’s words:

“I’ve just finished my first year of studying Marketing (BA) at the University of Northampton and we are hugely encouraged to take every opportunity to enhance our CV so this is how I came about Yebo! I met up with Nicky and we discussed the things I could be involved in, particularly social media. One of my modules this year has been Digital Marketing so I was excited to take this on. I have definitely learnt a lot about marketing specifically the ins and outs of working for an agency and the creativity involved. Regarding social media I’m not an avid social media user but I have definitely learnt how to use it in a business as well as teaching Yebo a few tricks! I have really enjoyed my work experience at Yebo and its made me appreciate what a full time job marketing is and how important creativity is to the role. I really love how personal the company is and the variety of jobs they take on, they have some really great contacts and can most definitely give you the marketing experience you’re looking for and more!”

This won’t be the last you hear from Hannah!! We’d also welcome her beautiful dog Bella as friend for office dog Katie Boo!!