Product placement is becoming an increasingly popular way to promote and raise awareness of a brands product, particularly as we all watch fewer TV ads and like to live the lives of the celebrities we see using them. Take James Bond, the 007 Agent with his vodka martini (shaken not stirred) but then in Skyfall he drank a Heineken! This led us to take a look at all the other product placements that we can attribute to James Bond movies:

  • Dr. No – Red Stripe
  • From Russia With Love – Pan Am
  • The Man With The Golden Gun – American Motors
  • Tomorrow Never Dies – BMW, Avis, L’Oreal
  • The World Is Not Enough – BMW, Bollinger, Turnball & Asser, Smirnoff, Omega, Motorola, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Caterpillar
  • Die Another Day – Aston Martin, Revlon
  • Casino Royale – Omega
  • Quantum of Solace – Coke, Omega, Sony, Avon, Heineken, Virgin Atlantic
  • Skyfall – Heineken, OPI, Coke Zero, Procter & Gamble

So how much does it cost to have the one and only James Bond show your wares? Heineken have signed a 15-year, multi-picture deal and paid a reported $45 million for product placement in Skyfall. This included a 30 second commercial starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, a branded web game and a scene in the movie where Bond turns down his signature cocktail for a Heineken.

There’s even awards to be won by the companies that achieve best success at product placement; here’s the Brand Channels 2014 awards for product placements:

  • Overall product placement – Budweiser
  • Achievement in product placement in a single film – Pain and Gain & Nike, Porsche, Met-Rx, LA Gear, Pontiac Fiero
  • Worst product placement – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty & Papa John’s
  • Product placement achievement in an Oscar-nominated film – Philomena & Guinness
  • Product placement achievement in a foreign film – Dhoom 3 & BMW
  • Best role in a supporting product placement – The Internship & Google
  • Best off-screen supporting product – Anchorman 2 & Dodge Durango
  • Product placement impact – Frozen & Norway
  • Lifetime achievement award for product placement – Under Armour & Warrior, Mean Girls 2, Battleship, Dodgeball, Fantastic Four, Hall Pass, No Strings Attached, Superbad, The Blind Side, Gridiron Gang, The Replacements, The Game Plan, The Other Guys, The Social Network, Takers, This is It
  • Product placement adaptation – Warm Bodies & BMW
  • Visual effects in product placement – Rush & Marlboro
  • Unwanted product placement – Anchorman 2 & BP
  • Product placement production – Smurfs 2 & McDonalds, Walmart, Ferrero Rocher

Have you ever been influenced by product placement, enough to go and buy something? Can product placement have a negative influence, such as Heineken damaging the original brand of James Bond? Now we’re not in the film business but if you’re looking to promote your product contact us at http://www.sayyebo.co.uk/contact-us/.