Who likes ecards?


The giving and receiving of Christmas cards is a lovely tradition, but the way we do it has changed quite significantly over the last few years, namely the rise in popularity of the ecard.

So does this change in delivery method change the sentiment of sending a card? We think it does when you consider the many pros and cons, for example, if you’re late sending a card then you can be sure an ecard is the quickest way to rectify the situation, but then the recipient may think, “Hmmm, late and an ecard, how thoughtful!?” More positively and environmentally, think of all the trees we save by going digital. Contradictory to this though is the bugs and viruses that are often attached to ecards – very harmful.

Financial cost is debatable too and largely depends on the volume of cards being sent, particularly pertinent for businesses sending Season’s Greeting to their customers. So when our client Impact Recruitment Services asked us to look at a Christmas card for them this year, and we considered their clients, the quantity needed and the associated costs, and were really pleased when they opted to go for a good old printed Christmas card, take a look here.

So next time you want to send a heartfelt message to someone, there’s more to think about than just the picture and message on the inside, and if you want to go that extra step, why not get one uniquely designed for you or your business – you know where we are!