Marketing Cinema Style


Do you remember when you went to the cinema and saw a few trailers, maybe 2 or 3 before the main film? Today, you sit through approximately 20 minutes of adverts and trailers! So what’s changed?

On a recent visit to the cinema there we saw adverts for Malteasers, Coca-Cola, E4 TV programs and Freederm spot cream – have you seen this ad? The free-flying goose, what relation does it have to spot cream?! If you don’t know what this advert is check it out Its design is quite specific to the cinema – as a cinema viewer you are first introduced to the goose for a few seconds without any branding. After another one or two adverts you see it again, then after another few you see the goose in full but there is still no branding until the very last scene when the slogan appears, “There’s nothing like feeling free” flashes up. The advert closes with a glance through their product range.

Coca-Cola’s is clever too – a few minutes before the film is due to start they show their ad, perfectly timed so that the audience have time to return to the foyer and get a Coke We think its fair to say cinema advertising has changed quite a lot since the drive-in movies! Definitely more intelligent and relevant, but is this a chain reaction because targeted customers simply cannot change the channel or fast-forward like they can on TV?