Impact Recruitment New Service launch

The Brief…

When Impact Recruitment Services decided to launch a new Video Interviewing service, in addition to their already first-class recruitment service, they turned to us to create an integrated launch plan, a creative theme that would clearly visualise the benefits and a quality implementation.

Yebo in action…

We devised a marketing plan that covered all channels, both online and offline, because we knew that Impact had the opportunity to ‘own’ Video Interviewing in Northamptonshire and naturally become recognised as the early adopters of this new recruitment technology. The campaign concept was consistently implemented in all activities, from Impact’s website, to blogs, to eshots, to press, to brochures, to telesales scripting – not to mention an eye-catching infographic.

And the creative concept was impactful too – a clear and striking visualisation of the key benefit of Video Interviews – “See the person behind the CV.”

The results

The campaign was turned around in less than a month and successfully delivered and launched on the 25 August. The team at Impact Recruitment Services are still following-up leads, but early feedback is that new and existing clients are extremely keen to road-test their next vacancy with Impact’s new Video Interviewing Service.