The rising popularity of mobile


Christmas time is good time to track consumers channel preferences and Christmas 2013 showed some staggering results. There was double-digit growth for shopping via desktop computer, smartphones and tablets.

In fact sales via smartphones increased by a massive 94% in the UK. 8 This reflects the increasing appetite among consumers for mcommerce; they want the convenience of shopping with their phone.

It therefore comes as no surprise that it is critically important for retailers and other businesses to offer a strong and seamless multichannel offering. Put your business to the test; how easy are you to do business with? Try completing a transaction via your mobile, your tablet, over the phone? Is the experience in every channel consistent and satisfying? There’s some practical steps to deliver, such as making sure your website is responsive and fits all device screens for optimum viewing, but there’s also a strategic requirement to make sure consumers receive the right pricing and product strategies that reflect their preferences.

Key message – make sure your business evolves with technology and customer preferences and secure your future.