Trust Marketing


When you think about the marketing and advertising you see everyday, or if you have your own business, the messages you communicate to your customers, how strongly do you believe the message is genuine and honest?

Stereo-typically, it feels like there is a degree of scepticism around marketing and advertising campaigns; you need look no further than the Estate Agency sector, guilty of some of the worst ‘tricks of the trade’. Take the cliched language they use in the advertisements; “cosy’ means ‘tiny’, ‘interesting; means ‘odd’, and so on. And there’s the pictures! Strategic angles that just crop out the big warehouse overlooking the garden, or worse, the wide angle lens thats excites you into thinking the lounge is going to be perfect for those big family christmas’s only to view and realise you’d struggle getting a settee in there.

In a more transparent and ethical society, businesses are realising the benefits of being earnest bring loyal customers and enhanced business performance.  A great example is FirstDirect internet banking, an honest commitment of excellent service and convenience that is delivered at every customer touchpoint from the day they launched is still the foundation of their success today.

We believe trust is everything and brand marketing has a critical role in building this. Make communications exciting, engaging, even shocking, but always keep them grounded in reality with genuine purpose – not a game for customers to translate that actually, it’s what you’re NOT saying that really counts!